Our Story

Hi! We are so glad you're here! 

We are two sisters who decided to pursue their long time dream of opening a boutique together. Ella Jo is named after two very special people. Our nana, Ella Mae and our papaw, Joe. We wanted to build a brand based on the same principles that they embodied: compassion, trust, consistency, and a whole lot of fun! 

Why Shop Ella Jo?

At Ella Jo, we believe that we are very fortunate to live in the United States of America. We are proud to be Americans and thank all who have served in our military fighting for our freedoms. We strive to have a majority of our products made in the U.S.A. 


Another thing we are extremely passionate about is missions. We were raised in a mission minded family either supporting or serving ourselves. For that reason, we would like to invest in the greater good by donating a portion of our proceeds. We are launching Mission Mondays, where every Monday a portion of our proceeds will go to missions. Currently we will be rotating monthly between the Black Mountain Home for Children and an orphanage based in Limbe, Malawi Africa.